20 Reasons, Why you should never send your kids to regular schools ?

Say Yes to Knowledge & Skills !

1. Children need to learn kindness, hygiene & courage. Those are important subjects which are missing. Those are more important than trigonometry & periodic table.
2. There is no Un-Employeement. There is only Un-Fit for Employeement and schools are well versed to make kids unfit and unemployable.
3. Teachers don’t practice what they teach so they don’t know real world scenarios of how text books work outside of school. Read the full Story
4. Schools teach you definitions not skills.
5. Schools only try to fulfil the manpower requirement of businesses and schools don’t make you an entrepreneur. But they fail to fullfilm manpower that is worth recruiting.
6. Schools issue certificates only. Companies don’t want certificates they want skills.
7. Schools create competition. Not cooperation & team work.
8. Schools create comparison when every human is different.
9. 4 Kinds of syllabus can’t fit 140 crore people.
10. Schools don’t teach art.
11. Schools are a financial liability. You have to earn to study. But you have to study to earn. You are in a Swirl.
12. Schools makes you poor because they discourage experiments.
13. Schools punish if you make errors but only errors gives learning & experience which will make you skilled and big.
14. Schools makes you stand in predefined line. Knowledge makes you bend lines and draw new ones.
15. Schools try to make you employees not employers.
16. Schools examine you not give you experience.
17. Schools choose students and not let you to choose the professors.
18. Schools take away your 90% of young youth age and that’s the time when brain grows maximum, so that they can brainwash you and not brainstorm you.
19. Schools make you uniform not unique.
20. Schools teach you to byheart. Not follow your heart.

The above are scenarios at most schools. Choose the one which can answer the above points. Quit the ones that stops you from questioning the above.
Whether you choose a college or a school, pl. remember you are a CUSTOMER. Behave as a Customer !
If you choose to disagree the above, it simply means that the school you studied was successful in their agenda.

~An Article by Arunkanth