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Independent Filmmaker - AS OF NOW

Life is simply a time pass between birth and death. So just passing this time the way I like and throwing the seeds of my thoughts, thinking it might grow into a tree later on, by way of Films & Music Compositions & Articles, as of now. | +91 99447 42045

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Goko Mako Poster
Goko Mako Poster

GOKO MAKO - Tamil - With English Subtitles - Released on 14th Feb 2019 | Genres : Crazy, Romantic Comedy, Drama


An adventurous road trip journey of two lovers is being captured candidly on  camera by a crazy video crew, masterminded by a musician who intend to turn this footage into a music video for a music company contract. The whole movie is a package of music, love, romance, adventure, thrill and non stop laughter. 

Cast: Ramkumar, Chaams, Sarah, Dinesh, Dhanusha, YG Mahendra, Delhi Ganesh, Santhana Bharathy, Ajay Rathnam

Crew :

Director, Music Composer, Sound Designer : Arun Kanth

Cinematographer : Sukumaran Sundar

Editor : Vinoth Sridhar

Associate Dir. : Deena | Asst. Dir : Pratap

Story : Arunkanth & Sreeram D’Jan

Screenplay & Dialouge : Arunkanth

Helicam : Gowri | Foley : Narayanan

Singers : Thrillokh MC, Nicki Zee G, Suchith Suresan, Roshan Sebastian, Vaishaly | Lyric : Arunkanth | Camillus Joseph

Production Design, Costumes, Choreography : Arunkanth

Music Label : Zee Music Company

Audio Juke Box :

Teaser :

Trailer :

Produced by : InfoPluto Media Works  |  Post Production : Roof Studios, Chennai

Indha Nilai Maarum Poster
Indha Nilai Maarum Poster

Upcoming Releases

Indha Nilai Maarum - Completed & Censored - Awaiting Release - A Business Thriller Drama

Indha Nilai Maarum Poster


Goko Mako will soon be available in Digital Platforms